Donna thank you so much for a great time yesterday!!! What a wonderful reading we had, I was so happy to hear from my grandpa and brother and you nailed it right on the head with them!! We will be seeing you again soon!!T.D.

​Hi everyone well I met with Donna Livingston Psychic Medium yesterday can I say she is the best please if you have lost a love one and need to connect do it and can I say she will also connect with your 4 legged love ones ,it was the best feeling when it was completed .Thank You Donna


OMG C.D. and I saw her right after Christmas, and she was fantastic!! It was the msg I got from my Step-Father, that got me to start making my life changes. She is def Amazing. I will be going back to see her prob in the spring...PB

It was a amazing time for me as well.My daughter came though and I can not express how wonderful I felt after meeting with Donna.  She was right on. I was just as happy as the days she was born when I got done. can not wait to go back to her.I might have lost my daughter in one way but I got her back in another way.


"thank you so much for such a great reading. You picked up on things no one would have known about..especially the bird" WGI had such a great reading with you and you helped me determine which way I need to go, I am going to tell all my friends about you. DYDonna & Maika:  Again I have to share and tell you from the bottom of my heart "THANK YOU" ~ "THANK YOU"  for the super readings from my dear felines:  "Precious" (little grey) and of course Mr. Sock's (Bigger Black & white)  When I got home, he was outside and came to the slider but what was funnier was the fact the Mr. Grumpy let him in and Dick said ....There... your "mama"  is home. I had to smile as I could remember him telling you about the sometimes grumpy one.  Sometimes he'll bolt in and this time he was a bit more subdued.  I told him I'd try to remember not to pull his tail.  Your message from Precious helped to easy my sadness and I do miss her so much.  I just didn't want her to think that we replaced her in any way, shape or form with Sock's.  Ladies, you're the BEST!  And as I shared with Rebecca I also want to extend to you both ....May God continue to shower you both with good health, much happiness and gobs of success.Always A Believer!  Lots of Angel Hugs!E.P."...this is the lady that did my party....she is great!!!!" KB

"Thank You  fantastic reading" KL"

So tonight I brought Sammie to a medium Donna Livingston it was wonderful and funny!! She validated soo much for Samantha with her aunt Debby that had passed away .... Man they were soo close. I recommend if you ever thought about seeing a medium give Donna Livingston a call she I wonderful. Thank you so much"

"I just wanted to get in touch with you and thank you for everything you did for me yesterday. It was priceless. What you said to me makes a lot of sense and even though some of it is hard to take, it gives me some explanation on how and why everything is happening." "I just wanted to say thank you again for such an amazing experience! I can't explain how impressed I was with your ability to connect with my loved ones. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I'm thrilled to know they are still with me, and with my children. Thank you!"

"I had a 20 minute reading at The Beyond Center's holiday fair on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. You asked me if I was taking a trip. My reply was yes. I would be in Newport RI for 10 days around Christmas dog sitting for my cousin. You told me that my late mom would be there with me, but not to be scared. I made a mental note.Fast forward to Tuesday January 1, 2013. It is my last day and night in Newport. At 4 pm the dog.goes ballistic barking at the nearest door to me in the living room. I went over to see what she was barking at. There was a young raccoon at the glass door. It did not leave for 15 minutes. I kept trying to shoo it away from my side of the door. I sat down on the couch and it moved so it could watch me through the door. I decided to contact Animal Control to have it removed. While on the phone with the dispatcher I walked over to the door and where it was seconds ago...it was now gone. Nowhere in sight. I checked the entire back side of the house and it was gone.I feel it was my mom, it maintained eye contact with me the entire time it was here. Kim L."

"You asked who the letter R belonged to. It was my uncle Robert or Bob, my late father's brother. You said I should contact him to let inform him that my dad would be waiting to welcome him to Heaven. My uncle suffered a severe stroke several years ago, was in a nursing home, unable to speak. My only contact with him was through his former live-in girlfriend, whom I hardly know. I didn't feel comfortable relaying your message to him. I don't know of her beliefs. I was speaking with my niece two weeks ago and she said to me, "you know Uncle Bob died." My reply was now I do. I signed the obituary guest book saying that "my dad was waiting to welcome Bob to Heaven". I do hope that has brought his girlfriend some peace. And once again your reading was accurate to a T".Kim L

Donna, you are awesome ... I was skeptical going in - and pretty emotional, I wanted to believe so bad but its hard ... afterwards I went and asked my dad something you said about him that I didnt even know ... and it was accurate, my mom knew and told me through you ... now I know everything else you said was really from her too, and I thank you for that. I will reccomend you to anyone who will listen :) and I will be back. Thank you.  Tracy V.