Services I Offer & Prices

Services I Offer: Psychic Medium readings, hypnosis and more



Late Arrivals

I will do my best to be on time for our appointment, and I expect the same courtesy from you.  If you schedule a certain amount of time you will be expected to pay for it even if you are late.  Please allow plenty of driving time. 


I understand that things come up, and occasionally appointments need to get rescheduled, if you find you need to reschedule please contact me at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  In case of an emergency for either one of us I will reschedule you at the earliest possible time that is good for both of us.

No Show

I do my best to always be on time.  Please be respectful of my time and be on time for your appointment. If we have a scheduled phone reading and you do not answer I will try again in a few minutes if you still do not answer you will forfeit your payment.
There is no refund for no shows or not answering the phone. 


Donna Livingston

Psychic Medium