Spiritual Life Coach

Sometimes along your journey in life you begin to feel stuck or out of place with the situations in which you are living.  Maybe you are at a crossroad or need a change and are not sure which way you should turn or how to go about doing it.  Maybe you are having relationship, career, or addiction issues that have taken over your life and stopped you from enjoying the things you use to love.  There are many different reasons why we get stuck, held back, or confused as to which way we are heading, and there are many different ways to combat that problem. 

Spiritual life coaching can help you get "unstuck".  It is designed to help you find your passion and life purpose.  It will help you overcome emotional blocks and heal them so there will be nothing standing in your way of fulfilling your dreams. 

During our coaching sessions I will use my psychic gifts to coach you along this new path. I will help you gain more self-confidence, and give you tools to help you move forward so you can achieve peace, happiness, and love in your life. I will also teach you how to connect with your own spirituality and show you the many benefits of doing so.  You will leave my program with a better understanding of where you are going in life and how to get there.

This is a program that focuses on the exact cause of what’s holding you back.  At our first appointment we will discuss and review your needs and develop a plan to move you forward.  You will leave each session with a better understanding of your situation and with “homework” to keep you achieving your goals. 

Don’t let your fears and struggles hold you back from the life you deserve to live.  Call or email me today so we can get started on building and creating the life you were meant to enjoy.

These sessions can be done either in my office or on the phone.  Initial session is $125 ​

 860-817-5747 or DLivingston0529@gmail.com